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Meccore Quartet

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Meccore String Quartet

The Meccore String Quartet was established in 2007 and is now one of Poland's most compelling young ensembles.

For many years they have been a treat for music lovers in Europe and America, and have performed during most important music festivals such as Rheingau Musik Festival, Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, L. van Beethoven Easter Festival, Budapest Spring Festival, Heidelberg Frühling Musikfestival, Kissinger Sommer Musikfestival, Festival Radio France Montpellier, Bregenzer Festspiele, as well as in many prestigious concert halls such as the National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw, Beethovenhaus in Bonn, Auditorio Nacional de Música in Madrid, Wigmore Hall in London, Musikverein in Vienna, Frick Collection in New York. In 2014 the ensemble had the honour to perform, as the first ever Polish String Quartet, during the ceremony on Holocaust Remembrance Day in the German Bundestag.

The quartet has received numerous awards during prestigious chamber music competitions. In 2012 and again in 2014 it received the Irene Steels-Wilsing Stiftung award. In April 2012 Meccore won a 2nd prize, as well as awards for the best performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's and Joseph Haydn's quartets, and for the performance of Brett Dean's composition at the Wigmore Hall String Quartet Competition in London. In 2011 they obtained the Finalist Award and the Special Award at the International String Quartet Competition "Premio Paolo Borciani" in Reggio Emilia. Also in 2011 Meccore String Quartet was nominated for the "Paszport Polityki" Award in the classical music category for their innovative approach to music and for breaking the musical stereotypes. In 2010 the quartet won the 1st place at the International Chamber Music Competition in Weiden (2nd and 3rd prizes were not awarded). In 2009 the musicians were awarded the 1st prize of the Max Reger International Chamber Music Competition in Sonderhausen.

In 2013 Meccore had their CD debut presenting the string quartets of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. The recording was released thanks to the support from Irene Steels-Wilsing Stiftung.

The musicians have accomplished numerous TV and radio recordings for Bayerischer Rundfunk, Rai3, Radio Stephandsom, Radio Merkury and NDR Kultur, ZDF, Phoenix and WQXR. Their performance of Franz Schubert's "Death and the Maiden" for Polish TV Kultura was nominated to the 2011 edition of "Gwarancje Kultury" award.

The quartet was at first tutored by the members of the Camerata Quartet, then, from 2009 until 2014, they studied with the Artemis Quartet at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. In 2012 they were awarded a full scholarship of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and followed their studies at the chamber music master class. Meccore String Quartet further developed their skills by taking part in master classes held by the most prominent artists, such as Gerhard Schulz (Alban Berg Quartet), Cuarteto Casals, Vogler Quartet, Kuss Quartet, Barthold Kuijken, Heime Müller, Antonello Farulli, Peter Cropper (Lindsay String Quartet) at Reggio Emilia String Quartet Festival, Beethovenhaus Masterclass in Bonn, and Jeunesses Musicales in Weikersheim, among others. An important event in the artistic life of the quartet was their participation in the course on interpretation of Ludwig van Beethoven's music held by Alfred Brendel.

Meccore String Quartet

The quartet, as well as each of the members individually, are currently receiving scholarships from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as well as from the programme "Young Poland". Through the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the ensemble can fulfil their mission, namely to popularise chamber music in places with limited access to culture, such as hospitals for young people and children.

Since 2010 Meccore String Quartet have been hosting and organizing in Poznan the International Chamber Music Festival "Q'arto Mondi", featuring top quartets from all over the world.

The members of Meccore are also active in the pedagogical field, leading chamber music and violin classes at Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan and Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.

No cuts or alterations of any kind should be made to this biography without the consent of Meccore Quartet.

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Website: http://www.meccorequartet.com/en/

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Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue

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Szymanowski / Debussy

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Intimacy and Impact from the Meccore Quartet at the Wigmore Hall
This was a wonderfully exciting lunchtime concert: perceptive, provocative and ultimately, undoubtedly, unanimously positive in spirit.
Claire Seymour, Seen and Heard International, 20 November 2017
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
The Polish Meccore String Quartet presents on its new CD a powerful recording of Grieg's String Quartet No. 1 op. 27. Also on the album: the unfinished String Quartet No. 2 as well as a fugue, which the Norwegian composer still composed as a student in Leipzig.

The first string quartet by Edvard Grieg rightly enjoys a high place in the list of compositions of this Norwegian composer, mainly recognized for his orchestral suites "Peer Gynt" and "Aus Holberg's Zeit", his cycles of "Lyrical Pieces for Piano" and the Piano Concerto op 16). In fact Grieg's Chamber Music deserves the utmost attention of string players, which the Polish quartet now proves with an excellent recording of the string quartets.

Lifeblood - The name of the ensemble - Meccore - is a linguistic transformation of the Italian expression "Mio cuore" - my heart - and the lifeblood, which the four musicians from Warsaw and Poznan shed with their highly emotional interpretation of the first string quartet, fits Grieg's documented remark His work composed in 1877: "I like the feeling that lifeblood is in this work, of which the future hopefully will see more than a drop."

Eye contact - It might be strange that the musicians are playing in a standing position. In fact, it is precisely this position that gives the string quartet new possibilities of expression, explains Wojciech Koprowski, one of the quartet's two violinists: "Playing in a standing position gives us much more means of expression. It also enhances the sound projection and communication among all members of the quartet. Thanks to the podium, on which our cellist sits, all four musicians have the same eye contact level."

Position - Moved, spirited, free and very self-conscious - should all these characteristics on the CD have to do with the standing position, then other ensembles would be well advised to think once again about the "lineup" of the musicians.
Rbb radio kultur, Hans Ackermann
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
Another exciting MDG debut: the Meccore String Quartet brings fresh air into the world of chamber music. Accordingly, the four musicians are looking into Edvard Grieg's string quartets – with the unsettling yet awesome G minor quartet op. 27 marking the turning point between the eras of Romanticism and impressionism ... ... Young, passionate, wild ... the Warsaw-based Meccore String Quartet excels in bringing the most disturbing energies to stage, perfectly supported through their way of playing all concerts standing upright. This can also be sensed as a tonal experience of the production, particularly well audible if you listen to the three-dimensional recording of this high-resolution Super Audio CD.
CLASS:aktuell 2017/Nr. 2, Lisa Eranos
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
"HEADS TO THE POLES: the Meccore Quartet performs Grieg with flair"

Hailing from Poland, the Meccore String Quartet are alive to this music's Energy with playing of immediacy and bite. Their fortes are full of meaty depth, their pianissimos whisper magically. The SACD sound quality of the recording is excellent, too.
BBC Music Magazine
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
For example, within the first minute of the String Quartet No. 1 in G minor, Op. 27, the music moves from peaceful contemplation to bitter anger, which under this ensemble's hands, sounds like outright rage, and to great effect. They dig into the strings and release a cry of despair.

... the members of the Meccore String Quartet manage to find drama hidden deep inside the counterpoint and infuse the whole fugue with emotive impact. Well done!
Classical Music Sentinel, Jean-Yves Duperron
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
Ten years after their foundation, the Meccore String Quartet have established themselves in the top class of the international chamber music ensembles – though in Germany they often are still below the radar of the big concert promoters and festivals. However, this may change with the current recording. Their Grieg conveys a wonderful example of their technical mastery, the esprit and their highly energetic playfulness of music-making. It is with good reasons that the ensemble's coach and teacher Günter Pichler compliments them as the best Polish quartet of all times. Anyway, seldom do you hear the first Grieg quartet displaying so many facets, and played in such an electrifying way. After the majestic introduction, the first movement comes with a fire flaring from every single note. In the following "Romanze", it is with immense and fine intuition that the musicians are on top of the fine-woven transitions, and they illuminate the pseudo-chaos of the Intermezzo, so exquisitely arranged by Grieg, with a clarity to bring various polyphonic surprises to light. Altogether the Meccore String Quartet is able to find the perfect balance between adherence to the score and freedom of interpretation – e.g. through enriching Grieg's intended contrasts by some minor "sul ponticello" poignancy, or using fierce timbres to vaguely paint a haggish (witch-like) character in the fourth movement. All these ideas and interpretations come solidly based on a sheer boisterous fervour. It is a seizing interpretation from the first note to the last one, which easily copes with any comparison. The recording is complemented by a short fugue by Grieg and his unfinished second quartet. (...) In these alike, Meccore are thrilling through the same ideal combination of precision and efferverscence.
Marcus Stäbler; Fono Forum, July 2017
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
... The Polish Meccore String Quartet plays this unusual music with an insisting emphasis and all due dramatic appearance. ... Not in a single moment does the quartet, founded ten years ago, come short of any aspect solicited by this extreme music, they play together with perfect intonation and a maximom of expressive drive. ... A great pleading for a composer who, despite his many lyrical pieces, definitely was not only a master of small musical formats.
Bavarian Radio, Oswald Beaujean, May 20th, 2017
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
The Meccore Quartet presents Grieg the composer of powerful string quartets, a long way from his "miniature" style.

"This vivacious reading by the Meccore Quartet – Jaroslaw Nadrzycki and Wojciech Koprowski, violin; Michal Bryla, viola; and Karol Marianowski, cello – from October and December 2016 literally bristles with dramatic energy, especially since Grieg described the work as a "piece of my life story. . .into which I have poured my finest ideas and most heartfelt feelings."

"Throughout the performance, we have been alerted to the striking power of the two lower strings, Bryla's viola and Marianowski's fervent cello playing."

"A class act, this disc."
Audiophile Audition, Gary Lemco, June 24, 2017
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
"Edvard Grieg string quartets of as well as an early quartet fugue are heard on this CD in a beautifully lyrical and totally coherent interpretation."
Pizzicato, Uwe Krusch
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
On MDG, the Meccore String Quartet has recorded Edvard Grieg's three works for string quartet, of which only String Quartet No. 1 in G minor is in complete form.

Founded in 2007, the Warsaw-based Meccore String Quartet has been the recipient of several prestigious chamber music awards. In 2016, they released an album of Szymanowski and Debussy quartets on Warner. Striking throughout is how the Meccore marry security of ensemble and attractive intonation with colourful expression. They display a real affinity for Grieg's music. Nothing feels rushed or forced, everything falls ideally into place.

This hybrid SACD has been recorded in studio conditions at Konzerthaus der Abtei Marienmünster. (I played it on a standard player.) The recording engineers did a faultless job. They have excelled, providing satisfying clarity and balance. Axel Streurich's readable and informative booklet notes are exemplary.
Music Web International, Michael Cookson
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
Edvard Grieg completed one and a half string quartets, presented on this excellent recording by the Meccore String Quartet, a Polish ensemble that has played together for ten years. On the basis of this performance (the first I have heard), the Meccore plays with impressively precise articulation and a loving attention to dynamic detail. The Meccore also approaches the music rather aggressively, an approach which serves Grieg well.

"The Meccore offers a big performance of this big work. They project a lot of sound, but also relish in some wonderful pianissimos. They maximize the drama and urgency of Grieg's generous melodies by subtly drawing attention to destabilizing elements of line and rhythm, and heightening contrasts of volume and timbre."
Music Web International, Richard Kraus
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
The playing of the Meccore String Quartet is excellent throughout and has soon become my favourite recording of the works, theirs is an electric and exciting performance but one that does not achieve this by losing accuracy or a sense of ensemble. The superb hybrid SACD sound does not allow for any loss of togetherness, something which this relatively new Polish ensemble abound in, in fact it is hard to imagine that they are not Norwegian, as they seem to have got to the heart and soul of this music. The disc is accompanied by excellent booklet notes making this a most welcome release of this beautiful music.
Music Web International, Stuart Sillitoe
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
As the musicologist François-René Tranchefort so rightly states: "Grieg's chamber music, which is not abundant, although hardly negligible, allows us to hear an expert harmonist (who had an influence on Debussy), as well as an authentically "popular" inspiration (the peasant dances, most notably) filtered by a sensitivity that is essentially lyrical. But, one has to admit that his mastery of the form as well as the "scope" are often lacking." The present recording thus proposes the String Quartet No 1 in G minor Op.27 in four movements and the String Quartet No 2 in F major EG 117, in two movements, and never completed, as well as the Fugue in F minor EG 114, a piece which lasts and few minutes and is rarely played. The Meccore Quartet with Jaroslaw Nadrzycki and Wojciech Koprowski on violins, Michal Bryla on the viola,and Karol Marianowski on the cello, subjugate the works played with an original approach. With ardor at all times, and distilling a passionate atmosphere, the quartet sublimates lyricism until the ultimate quiver. It is then that a real renewal takes place, illuminating these scores with a light which is no less original and allowing the colors to blossom at the heart of a musical discourse that is most bewitching. Here is an indispensable SACD and a meticulous sound recording with remarkable presence.
OPUS Haute Definition E-Magazine, Jean-Jacques Millo
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
"... brilliant performances that burn energy and passion, and closely recorded as well, so recording sound, combined with the intensity of the game, the real physical proximity."
"... this is a hugely impressive release, and these interpretations are taking place among the best available."
KlassiskMusikk.com, Martin Anderson
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
"Nearly symphonic sound" and "with impressive expressivity".
SWR2 Treffpunkt Klassik, Lotte Thaler
Edvard Grieg: String Quartet Op. 27 Quartet F Major, Fugue (CD)
"The Polish Meccore String Quartet has created this emotional tension in a very convincing manner through a very sovereign development of each voice."

"In this reference recording, the Meccore String Quartet managed to impart a vivid profile to the personal style of Grieg's chamber music."
Hifi & Records 3, Hans-Dieter Grünefeld, 2017
Grieg String Quartets - MDG 903 1998-6
Hailing from Poland, the Meccore String Quartet are alive to this music's energy with playing of immediacy and bite. Their fortes are full of meaty depth, their pianissimos whisper magically. The SACD sound quality of the recording is excellent, too.
OC, BBC Music Magazine (five stars)