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Sveinung Bjelland


Sveinung Bjelland

Sveinung Bjelland is in the forefront of classical pianists in Norway. His recording of Scarlatti and Mendelssohn (on Simax) was received with enthusiasm in Norway and internationally and was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemannprisen 2006).

Musicweb International writes: 'These performances have many subtleties and the imagination of the coupling is reflected in the taste and imagination of the playing.' Classics Today also praises the recording, referring to 'Sveinung Bjelland's cultivated, imaginative, and poetic artistry', concluding: 'No self-respecting piano connoisseur should let this truly distinctive release slip away'.

Sveinung has most of his musical background from Central Europe, mainly through studies with Hans Leygraf at Mozarteum, Salzburg and Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. He finished his studies in Berlin with the highest degree and with distinction, and he put himself strongly on the map in 1999 when he was named 'Young Musician of the Year' by the Norwegian Concert Institute, beside the numerous other prizes he has been awarded.

Sveinung has now developed into an unusually interesting, prolific and versatile artist. He has been a soloist with the leading Norwegian orchestras, with distinguished guest conductors, and visited various concert series and festivals in Europe where he has made his mark as much as a soloist as in a chamber music setting. He has performed with artists like Pahud, Collins, Mørk and Wispelwey. In October 2008 he made his debut in London with a Chamber Music Recital at Wigmore Hall.

His duo partnership with the young violinist Alina Pogostkin (the 2005 winner of the Sibelius Competition in Helsinki) has made a particular impact. Together they have made a brilliant recording of Mendelssohn's Concerto for Violin and Piano, adding to the pianist's series of successful recordings which covers a wide and varied repertoire. In duo with Alina Pogostkin, Sveinung recently performed at the Helsinki Festival and the Beethovenfest in Bonn.

Sveinung must have given listeners with preconceived notions some surprises when he recently featured in the violinist Atle Sponberg's concert project 'Atle Live' on tour in Norway, flinging himself elegantly from Bach and Mozart to Argentine, Brazilian and jazzy piano virtuosity with the greatest of ease, sounding as though in the past he had only ever played a Latin American repertoire.

In addition to being a frequent festival artist, Sveinung was from 2002-2008 himself a festival director. The artistic profile of the Gloger Festival in Kongsberg has now developed into one of the most interesting among Norwegian music festivals, with the exquisite and inspiring space of the beautiful Kongsberg Church as its main arena.

Photo: CF-Wesenberg

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Addinsell, Richard

  • Warsaw Concerto

Bartok, Bela

  • Piano Concerto no.3 in E-dur

Beethoven, Ludwig van

  • Piano Concerto no.1 in C major
  • Piano Concerto no.3 in c minor

Chopin, Frederic

  • Piano Concerto no.1 in e-minor

De Falla

  • Nights in the gardens of Spain

Gershwin, George

  • Rhapsody in Blue

Grieg, Edvard

  • Piano Concerto in a-minor

Haydn, Joseph

  • Piano Concerto no.18 D-dur

Liszt, Franz

  • Piano Concerto no. 2 in A major

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix

  • Piano Concerto no.2 in d-minor
  • Piano concerto no.1 g-moll
  • Concerto for violin, piano and orchestra, d-minor

Messieaen, Olivier

  • Concert a quatre

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

  • Piano Concerto KV 537 (Krönungskonzert) D-major
  • Piano Concerto nr. 13Kv 595 C-dur
  • Piano Concerto nr. 23, KV 488 in A-major
  • Piano Concerto nr. 27 KV 595 in B-major
  • Piano Concerto for two pianos
  • Piano Concerto no. 20 d-minor
  • Klaverkonsert i C-dur nr. 21
  • Klaverkonsert i Ess-dur nr. 22

Rachmaninoff, Sergei

  • Piano Concerto no.2 in c-minor

Saint-Saëns, Camille

  • Piano Concerto no.2 in g-minor

Schumann, Robert

  • Klaverkonsert a-moll
  • Konzertstück op. 92

Stravinskij, Igor

  • Konsert for klaver og blåsere


  • Concerto no. 2 opus 102, F major

Tveitt, Geirr

  • Concerto for two pianos and orchestra (Variations on a Folk song from Hardanger)
  • Piano Concerto no.1

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New South American Discoveries

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Okkehaug - Chamber Works; Piano Works; Songs

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Forthcoming engagements for Sveinung Bjelland

4 December 2017: Recording – NRK Store Studio. Oslo. Norway
Recording Schumann's Introduction & Allegro appassionato op. 92 Norwegian Radio Orchestra Cond. Christian Eggen Label: Lawo classics http://www.lawo.no/ release: Spring 2018

5 December 2017: Recording – NRK Store Studio. Oslo. Norway

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Stavanger Symphony Orchestra Concert
The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra's programmes in the autumn last year presented many important Schumann works including three of his Symphonies.

On Thursday February 23 this year it was time for one of the composer's less well known and seldom performed works, his Introduction and Allegro Appasionato (Konzertstuck Op.92) to be included in the Schumann Festival. The soloist was pianist Sveinung Bjelland who has a natural delicacy for Schumann as displayed by his perfect retention of the structure and virtuosity of the work without any ill effects. The crucial balance between the piano and the orchestra Bjelland maintained superbly.

This is a work that deserves more frequent programming in the concert hall. Bjelland further delighted the audience by giving a beautifully performed Schumann encore.
Stavanger Aftenblad, 25 February 2017
Trace of Impressions
"The very opening piano phrase - a round, warm tone as rich as dark chocolate - makes it instantly clear that this is going to be a superior disc, and so it proves. I've long admired Sveinung Bjelland's pianism: it's alert and sensitive and thoroughly intelligent. Andres Kjellberg Nilsson proves just as good a violinist, with an unusual range of colour and effect: the expressive range he brings to the 'Blues' central movement of the Ravel G major Sonata typifies his ability to let you hear more than you realised was there. In a CD of music as well known as the two grand-daddies of French impressionism it's not easy to make the music sound completely fresh, but Kjellberg Nilsson and Bjelland do just that. You can hardly ask for more."
Martin Anderson, Classisk Music Magazine, November 2013

The program on this new CD is made up of the best known and most frequently performed works by the two great French masters, with two sonatas by Ravel and one by Debussy. Ravel's "Sonata posthumous" is rather rare, but in return we get served the known and beloved audience favorites "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair", "Pavan for a Dead Princess" and "Vocalize in the form of a habanera". The whole release is a delight from beginning to end.

Anders Kjellberg Nilsson was born with a lyrical and poetic vein. His tone is sweet but not sentimental, and he makes music with a sensibility that is both heart stopping as well as grabbing and touching the listener. In Sveinung Bjelland, Anders has found a partner who really is taking note. They match each other perfectly. The sound, signed "Lindberg", provides a natural and clear overall impression and it's interesting to have the Ravel and Debussy sonatas so close to each other. You are amazed at how different they are, despite the fact that they belong to the same musical 'region', and Ravel's 'Blues' is an irresistible creation.
Kjell Hillveg, Dagsavisen (Oslo), April 2014


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